Our Organization’s Structure

The inter-professional team working out in the Point Douglas community are part of a much larger organization.

structure of wish

The five components of the WISH Clinic include:

  • Student Volunteers: University of Manitoba students who volunteer at WISH
  • Professional Mentors: Licensed health care practitioners who volunteer their  time by attending Sunday clinics and providing clinical guidance to students

The above two components directly interact with the community  and comprise the face of WISH Clinic. Behind the scenes are:

  • Faculty Advisors: University of Manitoba professors and instructors who promote WISH and inter-professionalism among their colleagues and student
  • Student Executive Council: the student body that facilitates the operations of WISH Clinic, guided by the goals to 1)promote health equity throughout Winnipeg by extension Manitoba, 2) to facilitate inter-professional growth and development of students and health care professionals.
  • Steering Committee: the mentorship group for the Executive Council. The student executive council and steering committee work togetherto build and maintain the WISH clinic. The steering committee holds legal responsibility for the WISH Clinic and all of its activities. The steering committee consists of representation from the Student Executive Council, University of Manitoba,  Mount Carmel Clinic, and WRHA.