A Typical Shift

Here’s what a typical Sunday at WISH is like:

1:00 PM Volunteers arrive on-site.
– Students are divided into interprofessional teams directed by a student team leader.
– The clinic is set up. Food is prepared and rooms are assembled.

1:30 PM The clinic opens.
– Interprofessional teams provide healthy activities, support patrons and clients, participate in outreach, and prepare and serve food.
– As clinical cases present themselves, two students from different disciplines are paired together to provide collaborative health service under the guidance of a mentor.
– In clinic, students will first meet with the mentor to discuss the case. If both the patient and the students are comfortable, students will visit the patient for 20-40 minutes to take a history. After the history, students will reconvene with both the mentor and patient to discuss a plan together.

4:30 PM The clinic closes.
– Students participate in an interprofessional debrief and share their experiences and learnings.