How to Apply

Have you decided to volunteer with WISH? Follow these steps!

*Note: Only current University of Manitoba students are being accepted as volunteers at this time.

1. Complete the following documents.

WISH Clinic Volunteer Application 2018

Faculty Confirmation Form, Bring this to you Faculty’s Office to be signed

Child Abuse Registry Check, if your faculty does not already require one

Adult Criminal Record Check, if your faculty does not already require one

2. Return these forms in-person to your college or program representative, or email a scanned copy to with the subject line “WISH Clinic Volunteer Application”.

3. Attend an orientation session. This is required by Mount Carmel Clinic and you must attend a session to volunteer. Details will be provided by your faculty representative or by Orientations are available on both Bannatyne and Fort Garry and are usually 1-2 hrs long. If you have already attended an orientation, you do not need to attend another.

Upcoming orientations:

Just a reminder that the faculty you are enrolled in is not necessarily the orientation you must attend, all of the listed orientation are very similar the difference is only in the hosts. We hope to see you there!

TBA within the next week or two!


4. Sign up for an Interview here*. Please note that Tuesday interviews are located at Starbucks near CanadInns at HSC, while Thursday interviews are located at Second Cup at River and Osborne. Based on demand we will also be running a few Interviews at the Starbucks in Dafoe Library at the Fort Garry Campus, please let us know in your emailed application if this works better for you. If you are unable to attend any of these evenings, please email, preferably when you email your application.

Welcome to WISH!